Hiring a T-shirt printer is difficult. Anyone can buy a printer for a few hundred dollars and call themselves a t-shirt printer. This has led to a saturated market with a lot of very inexperienced printers printing substandard quality shirts.

South Florida T-Shirt PrintingEpicus Internet Marketing, on the other hand, is partnered with an industrial printer that employs 40 people and prints thousands of shirts a day. The quality of the printing is the highest. And just as important, the quality is consistent. No rookie mistakes here. Your design will be thoroughly reviewed by three people with 25 years in the industry and this helps to weed out any design mistakes. Sometimes the graphics themselves are subpar and wont transfer well onto shirts. We can easily detect this touch up your graphics to convert them the highest quality format. This makes a huge difference in the quality of the printing.

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Working With Epicus:


T-shirt mockup for printingIf you have your own design we can make some mockups for you to show you how they would look with different styles. We might suggest improvements here or if your graphic isn’t the highest quality format, we will probably reformat it for you (at no charge).

If you need graphics we can create those for you as well. We can do this very cheap ($99 usually) in order to get your business. Our designs are all the highest of quality and if you can dream it up, we can create. We just need a simple description of what you were thinking or a picture of a similar shirt and we can get started with that.  Have no idea where to start with your design? No Problem! We are good at coming up with designs for our clients.

T-shirt Selection:

T-shirt Printing Pompano beachDo you know what type of shirt you want? Great! We probably have it in stock.  Not sure what you want to print on? No problem. We can show you some different types of shirts that we think would look good with your design. We are experienced with all different types of fabrics starting with some inexpensive options but we are one of the few printers that specialize in high quality tri-blend fabrics. These shirts are super soft and super stretchy and last forever for only a couple extra dollars. They are a little bit more difficult to print on so you need to make sure you hire an experienced printer for it to look right. But whatever your price point or quality goal is, we can find the right shirt for you!

We have most shirts in stock. We just need about a 4 hour notice and we can get you what you want. If we don’t have it in stock we can usually get it in 24 – 48 hours for those of you who are in a hurry.

Time Frame:

Fast T-shirt printingWe know you want your shirts as soon as possible. So we don’t sit on orders and we get moving right away. We answer our phones from 9 – 5 and if you email us you can expect a reply within 15 minutes. We also keep you updated throughout the entire process so you aren’t sitting there wondering what is going on with your order. We can also print to your schedule. Production time is usually about 7 days. But if you need the shirts rushed we can do this for a small fee.


If you don’t like the shirts we print then you don’t pay.

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