[intro]Are you looking to get some awesome pictures taken of your building, house or property? Our Architectural photographer can get you the highest quality pictures in the South Florida area. Whether you need just one photo taken of your building, or an entire house photographed we have a package for you. Take a look at some of our photos below.[/intro]

Here is a recent untouched photo of a building we photographed for Wites & Kapetan. They own a beautiful building located in the heart of Lighthouse Point, Fl. But as you can see below the town has built up so many pylons and antennas that it hides all the charm of the building. 

South Florida Architectural Photographer - before

With a little bit of photoshop magic we were able to transform this photo into this:

South Florida Architectural Photographer - After picture

As you can see the photograph is much nicer. We removed all the interference from the environment and brought out all the colors to make it more aesthetically pleasing. We added some shrubs and some grass and fixed a couple trouble areas of the building where tiles were missing. Take a look at some more photos our architectural photographer took in the portfolio below.

[showcase number=8 cat_slugs=”architectural-photography”]

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