[intro]The only thing that matters is a company’s reputation and a company’s portfolio. Our business is 95% word of mouth so chances are you were probably referred here by someone. And our portfolio? That is plastered all over our website… So instead of a page of patting ourselves on the back, we’ll just tell you a little bit about the principles in which we operate.[/intro]

[headline]What It’s Like To Work With Epicus Internet Marketing[/headline]


cartoon-wheres-waldo-marketing1) At Epicus we tend to under promise, but we always over deliver…. It’s just how we operate.

2) Our customer service is the best in the industry. If you need us just holler! We pick up our phones and small request are usually handled before we hang up!

3) Our work ethic is insane and our system is fine tuned. What most small business internet marketing companies promise you in months, we can do in weeks or days… if not hours.

4) Our staff is composed almost entirely of MBA’s and a marketing Ph.D.  Our websites and graphics are all well thought out from a business perspective.

5) We are not a digital sweatshop. Our employees are highly skilled and work hard and we pay them what they deserve…As a result we produce excellent work and in record time…So you can sleep at night and have a website people will actually want to look at…

6) We are not a low cost agency.  Yes, you can absolutely get your work done cheaper elsewhere. But be careful because you will get what you pay for!

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